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My son had a rash on the back of his neck. I called and they immediately got him in. They prescribed him a topical and it cleared up quickly thereafter. Thanks to the Neiman Dermatology staff!

John S.

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Dermatology Testimonials

Best experience in a health care office ever!

JoAnn B.

Lisa was so nice and pleasant. I enjoyed my visit with her. Not all doctors you visit these days are so caring and kind.

Darlene B.

Nurse was very friendly; answered all my questions. Dr. Melissa was also awesome! Very happy with visit! Will recommend!

Rachel S.

I felt like Jonathan actually listened to me, I liked that he ordered blood work to check for things like PCOS and I'm glad I decided to come to this practice.

Brighid S.

Your staff helped me so much and were very kind!

Ryan O.

The staff is extremely nice. The facility was so beautiful, I felt like I was on Park Avenue. I cannot say enough for all they have done for me. From treating my adult acne to developing a skin care program that will keep my skin beautiful and healthy, I'm very pleased with the 'new me'.

Jill B.

I would like to thank (everyone) in this office for the medical care that I receive.

Michael O.

You people are very nice, straight forward (to the point). Thank you very much for everything!!

Jerome B.

Everyone was very helpful and accommodating - very impressed. I will recommend! Thank you!

Angela M.

Cosmetic Service Testimonials

Lauren [laser nurse] is awesome, love her! So friendly and accommodating!

Mary F.

Lauren is an excellent, outstanding provider. She is very thorough, explains everything as she goes. The office staff is also great, very professional and also friendly. It's a pleasure to come here.

Nora S.

Aesthetic and Spa Service Testimonials

To All of you,

Just a little expression of my gratitude for all the joy you bring! I always walk out happy, relaxed and with a smile on my face.

Caroline - you are awesome! I so enjoy your facials and our conversations. And all the staff - you are great, accommodating and pleasant!

I hope you enjoy this box of candy!

Sue H.

I have nothing but "Praise for" the staff! Each and every experience at this office has been nothing less than wonderful! I have truly, never before, looked so forward to a doctor's appointment before in my life, but I do now. The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing. The results from my treatments/facials that I have received over the last year are nothing less than amazing. Thank you so very much for all you've done and continue to do--going forward!

Cassandra M.

I have received several different services from your Aesthetician. Her professionalism far exceeds any other that I have experienced.

Julie S.

I have been going here for the last ten or eleven years (maybe more!) and I am so very thankful to them. As an adult, I found myself with very bad cases of embarrassing acne and could not find ANYTHING to help. Not over-the-counter treatments or ordered ones that came to my door. After meeting and speaking with Dr. Neiman, I became a client of the aesthetician and, after a short time, my complexion cleared. I love to try different treatments all of the time and my fave at the moment is Rejuvapen. It has almost entirely erased the scars that lingered after my blemishes finally went away. I credit her for giving me back my face and my confidence.

Michelle C.

Hair Transplantation Testimonials

I got awesome results. The difference is like night and day. I never believed that hair transplants could be this amazing. Thank you again Dr. Neiman and all of your staff.

John D.

I had a hair transplant scheduled on my birthday. When I arrived I was given a gift card for my birthday and incredibly professional service. Love the folks at Dr. Neiman's office!

Ken B.

Dr. Neiman, John and Staff:
I just wanted to thank all of you for your professionalism and attention to detail throughout my entire transplant process. From my first consult to the day of surgery, everyone was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

Frank P.

Dear Dr. Neiman and Staff -
We wanted to THANK YOU for your expertise and great care. The process has been nothing less than amazing! We are very grateful to you and your wonderful team.

Nick S.

Staff and doctor were amazing!!! Lived up to expectations and were compassionate. Strongly Recommend.

Sean L.

Having this procedure was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Craig R.

Dear Dr. Neiman and Staff,

The professionalism and competence was an expectation, but I never imagined the extraordinary kindness, warmth, and support that was also exhibited throughout the entire process.

Thank you so much Dr. Neiman and everyone for everything you did for me. I’ll never forget it.

Gina A.

Personal Note: I want to thank Dr. Neiman, the Neiman Dermatology & Hair Transplantation, for the excellent work he personally did on my behalf. I have always had a problem as well as other family members with respect to my hair loss. Dr. Neiman in using his great skills addressed my issue. Again, I will be forever grateful.

Joe I.

Neiman Dermatology and Associates,

Thank You.
Thank You.
Thank You.

Is that enough? Probably not. Not for all that you all have done.

After almost a year of using a Hair System, (Big Mistake) I finally came to you. I can not believe the results. I seem to have more hair now than I've had in years and it is all natural. I can comb it, wash it, and dry it any way I want because it is all natural. I can be normal without feeling inadequate. No more trying to comb over. (Did I mention it was natural?)

With this feeling of normalcy my general attitude has improved as well. I am going out more and having more fun than I have in years. I no longer feel as if people are staring at me or laughing at me behind my back.

People have said I have changed over the last year. I am more laid back … easy going if you would. I owe this new outlook and attitude to you and your staff and the terrific job you did on my hair. The wonderful job you have done has made me a new man. I cannot thank you enough. My only regret is that I did not do it earlier. Too soon old (looking) too late smart.

Kenneth M.

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