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Many people have second thoughts about their tattoos. Fortunately, you don't have to live with your decision forever. The highly precise lasers at Neiman Dermatology can lighten or remove your tattoo by pulsing light at the ink particles, which absorb the light energy and break up into tiny pieces that are then removed harmlessly by the body. All of this can be accomplished without damaging the surrounding tissue for aesthetically-pleasing results.

During the laser tattoo removal procedure, highly concentrated beams of light are delivered to the ink of the tattoo and, over time, fade its color. Different types of light are absorbed by specific ink colors, so each treatment is customized for each individual patient. At Neiman Dermatology, our lasers are designed for treating colorful tattoos and versatile enough to remove virtually all ink colors.

Most patients report a stinging sensation during this procedure, and do not typically require any anesthesia, although ice is applied to the area prior to treatment to minimize discomfort.

Results can generally be seen within two to three months, although larger and darker tattoos may require more treatments than smaller, lighter ones. Occasionally treated skin will look paler than the skin around it, but this usually resolves in the months following treatment.
Tattoo Removal

Astanza® Trinity™

The Astanza® Trinity™ laser is the most powerful full-spectrum solution to removing colorful tattoos. Our practice is the first to bring this innovative technology to the Buffalo, NY area.

The Trinity is a combination full-powered Nd:YAG and ruby laser that allows for the most versatile treatment options available. Along with the widest range of tattoos colors that can be successfully treated, the Trinity also provides unmatched peak power for faster ink removal with each session.

The Astanza Trinity is designed to treat the most popular ink colors along with the most difficult and rare colors – including lime green, turquoise, and purple. Resistant or hard-to-remove inks are no match for the power and versatility of the Trinity, and Neiman Dermatology welcomes stubborn tattoos that have been unsuccessfully treated with other laser systems.

The Neiman Dermatology Building has the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology in Buffalo, NY. Most patients notice an improvement or fading in their tattoos after their first treatment. However it's important to note that laser tattoo removal is a process. The number of treatments required for maximum results varies. Your FREE laser tattoo removal consultation will determine an appropriate treatment plan based on your skin type and tattoo.

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