Tom Brady’s Hairy Situation

With a win over the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday, Tom Brady notched his 7th Super Bowl title. An incredible feat for the one many refer to as the GOAT (greatest of all time). Pair that with his charming good looks and supermodel wife, and the guy seems to have everything. One thing he wasn’t as fortunate with, however, is something that many men deal with; hair loss.

Brady first started to show signs of hair loss early on in his career (most noticeably in the front). In the years following, it slowly progressed. Then around 2010, he was believed to undergo a hair transplant procedure. So, what was the reason for the delay? Prior to moving forward with the procedure, many patients are advised to try out minoxidil and/or Propecia to see how it works for them. “It’s important for patients to understand that a hair transplant will not address the hair that is there prior to the procedure, so we recommend that they use something to maintain it,” says hair transplant surgeon Dr. Michael Shehata. “Then after a timeframe of 6 months to a year, we will reassess the procedure — this helps us to gauge the effectiveness of the option(s) for the native hair and determine the overall game plan of the procedure.”

Tom Brady 2001

Tom Brady showing signs of hair loss in 2001

Dr. Shehata further elaborated on what was possibly addressed in Brady’s believed procedure — “Aside from addressing the temporal areas, they most certainly worked within his existing hair as well.” He states the reason for this is to provide him with insurance for when the non-transplanted hair continues to thin. “Mr. Brady did what a lot of our high-profile patients do, have the procedure when the hair loss is not too noticeable, so the results are very subtle.”

Tom Brady Super Bowl LV

Tom Brady showing off a full head of hair at Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021 (Photo credit: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

So, there you have it! Tom Brady found yet another way to pull out a victory, this time against his hair loss. If you would like to learn more about hair transplantation or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Shehata, call us at 716-688-0020 or click here.

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